Breathing Underwater

"Alex Flinn has done it..capturing voice and circumstance to tell a riveting story that makes us all sit up and consider her truth." -Chris Crutcher
To his friends, popular and handsome sixteen-year-old Nick Andreas has led a charmed life. But the guys in Nick's anger management class know differently. So does his ex-girlfriend Caitlin. Now it looks like the only person who doesn't realize just how far from perfect Nick's life has become in Nick himself. "Gripping."- Publishers Weekly "A quick and absorbing read. The situations and dialogue ring frighteningly true."- ALA Booklist

Breathing Underwater is an astonishing book. It is about a guy, Nick Andreas, who goes to anger management classes. He had a problem when he was going out with Caitlin. At first they were a great couple, but as the story progresses, Nick gets aggressive. But I can't tell anymore because it might get too far. I don't want to tell the whole story because it's kind of long. You have to read the story on your own. =)



The Adoration of Jenna Fox

(The back cover)
After waking from a year-long coma, Jenna Fox is lucky to be alive. She is seventeen, although the only reason she knows this is because her family has told her so. She can’t remember her friends, yet she has no problem reciting Thoreau’s Walden word for word. She has been told she hates history, but can rattle off details concerning the California earthquake that happened years before she was born. Her mother is strangely overprotective, as though Jenna might shatter before her very eyes. As Jenna starts to venture farther from home, gaining more and more independence, she starts to question everything. Why can’t she remember her past?

As Mary Pearson expertly unfolds the story, readers are teased with hints as to why Jenna may be in this particular situation. She remembers bits and pieces as she becomes more independent and reaches farther from her parents’ protective wraps. We find out why exactly they are so sheltering and wonder at the lengths they went to for those protective measures.

Carefully crafting a coming-of-age tale, a little futuristic technology, and questions of moral ethics, Pearson will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page. And even then, you’ll still want to know more about Jenna Fox. This novel also is also a great selection as an audio book. In fact, that is how I started it, but I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen. I knew I could read faster than the narrator could talk and switched to the print version. Either way, The Adoration of Jenna Fox will make you stop and think about family dynamics, the future of science, and the independence we all develop.

It is a must-read book! When you start reading this book, you won't be able to put it down. Too irresistible.

(Reading the Book, the whole Book) If you are interested* http://www.scribd.com/doc/12814237/Mary-E-Pearson-The-Adoration-of-Jenna-Fox

Mary E Pearson - The Adoration of Jenna Fox



Gawsh!! Today's Friday and we're not going to Chefornak for NYO this weekend. I really, really, really, want to go to Chefornak for NYO but the river is freezing up and the weather is being a dumb thing. I really wished that the weather and river was good. Right now I would be all excited, but I'm not. The only thing that I'm happy about is getting a new iPod. I'm gonna either get a 8 GB or 16 GB iPod.. I didn't decide what color I'm getting. But for sure I'm getting and iPod. NYO is coming along great and I have to practice my Alaskan High Kick still. The height of Alaskan is good, but I have to learn how to go straight up instead of going all of the place. No ONE in the district of the High school Girls of NYO can't beat me in Alaskan, except for Delcie Davis from Mekoryuk. Shes and awesome friend I met last year from NYO. She beat me in Alaskan and I was surprised because shes the only one that can beat me at that event. Well anyways, its okay if we don't go to Chefornak. At least there are other meets that are coming up and I HOPE & WISH that we go to them.. Thats all. I guess


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guess what today is?
Today is writing day.. it was supposed to be on Friday, but Segue decided for some of us to blog today. Since some of the students haven't found the exact speech or didn't finish their speech, that is the reason we are writing on blog. I have noticed that my writing has less detail in it and I am sorry to leave out information. =]
I am so emotional right now because of all the things that have been happening around here. Yesterday evening I came by the school because I was going to N.Y.O practice. Half of the N.Y.O team was there too because they (and me) were waiting for our coach to come. Well anyways, as soon as I got closer to the entrance of the school door I heard a faint crying. I was curious and started looking around, wondering who was that person crying. I was thinking it was some little kid because usually kids cry. Soon enough I saw that Jeffery was by the Meiers house, and he was getting bullied by _________. I am not saying names..so it is being left blank. __________ was really pissed off at Jeffery for some reason and I went over to stop _________ but I didn't bother because Jeffery stopped crying. Patrick came over too and looked at ________ meanly. I was thinking "Oh My GOSH!! Dude! That was not cool." When I said that he smiled and just said nothing. N.Y.O practice was starting and it continued until 8:30. We started at 6:30 because our coach just came back from Bethel. So anyways, I think I am getting better at 1 foot and Alaskan High Kick. I think I could kick past 65 inches and past 60 inches on Alaskan. I am really excited for this year in N.Y.O... =]
I have nothing more to write.. I think... hehe. But my dream was really weird. I think I'll post about it. I dont know when I'm going to post about that dream though... For sure I will write it on blogger.
Peace out and take care..



Today is officially writing day on blogger.
I haven't been writing on my blog since forever!! Well, I don't know exactly what to write... but I will do my best to get the info to you.
So, this summer was THE best of all summers (except the trip to California). All summer long, which is only 3 months long, was the visiting my grandmother in Kwethluk, visiting my other grandmother in Napaskiak and spending most of my time there, and taking long boat rides. Most of the time I was traveling from village to village with my family. Most of the times I was traveling by myself with my other family from Akiachak. I don't know..
It's been a long summer for me. But school has came so fast, and is passing by soo fast.
well I have to get to net class.
write more later.


hi =]

I hate to say this....but school is almost out! It is crazy how school passes by so fast and you have half of your work complete for the whole school year. Did I say that right? Ah never mind. I still have some math indicators to take and I think I will be done for phase 18 and move onto phase 19 for High school math next year. I hope that VTC classes won't be as bad next year. I think I will do just fine. Graduation passed and I TOTALLY missed the whole thing. I just got here on time for the food =]. The whole thing passed and I was in Bethel. Crazy crazy me! Here is a picture of me and Nick...after I got back from Bethel. I'm soooo so happy that Nick is moving up to the level of High school. Yay! No just kidding. But I think that he has worked hard to move to High school. Also Anissum, Patrick, and Lyle.

As the whole village was taking picture of the graduates I took a picture of the Jr High class......so yeah another picture of the Jr high. It is pretty amazing. I took the picture with the computer I'm using right now......sigh I wish that the Jr. high was more bigger. You get what i mean? Like a whole bunch of people. But we have a small school.


Can you totally understand why I don't like being bothered by my sisters? They are always doing something wrong or making expressions on their faces. They are the ones that talk back and not listen to any of my directions or my parents if they are told to do something. I don't like that kind of person. It bugs be a lot! But I just love them as my sisters. Hey, ITS NOT MY FAULT THEY WERE BORN. I'm Young! lol. But seriously There is Raeanne making a puppy dog-face and so is Elizabeth. Kayleen has a different perspective of making her own face expressions. =) I know, she acts like she has her own...you get what I mean? Well anyways, just thought I would write something down at least.Here is a picture, I know I've already told you. But I'm writing my butt off to finish this post. LOL. Just kidding. ..................Look down at the bottom. You'll see why ;).

Adolph Larson Jr & Chinace Egoak
(<3 luv brother and sister <3) ennng.

Here is a picture of me and my brother. This was taken years and years and years and years ago. That is a picture of a younger younger younger me. Just kidding!! I forgot when this picture was taken but......<3>



Yesterday has been exciting because of the flood. There were people running and walking all over the village of Oscarville. Pretty funny thinking of it because they thought it was going to really flood. =D It's amazing how our village doesn't end up flooding when the next day you don't see any water outside. Just some little puddles for kids who like getting "wet" and going home to change. I went to check out the river yesterday with a whole lot of different people at different times. At first I went by myself, then with Bunna and Francis, my mom, and I forgot a whole lot. The water was like an inch away from flooding the place, but I guess the ice had gone. Bunna, Francis, and I checked the river up front from Sophie Tom's house and I almost sunk. I'm not kidding about this one...I went onto a log and started walking on it. Trying to balance. Francis was trying to freak me out by making screaing noises and aaaahh. Stuff like that. After that we went to check the lagoon (or at least we tried to). Bunna had a problem with that because she has short boots, so she didn't want to get wet. I like that idea, DO NOT WEAR SHORT BOOTS WHEN WALKING IN WATER. =)....you'll get wet, eventually. After that I went home to "chill out" and listen to the VHF. Earl Samuelson was announcing that the ice was "not jammed" and was flowing down-river. I got tired of listening to the VHF and I decided to go outside again. I saw Henry coming down the sidewalks with his bikes. I looked at him and asked, "Can I barrow your bikes?" Henry B just looked at me and gave me his bikes. I went on it and started pedaling to check the housing area. Crazy idea I know, I was wearing my shoes. LOL.. I'm supposed to wear boots and I think you know why I barrows Henrys bike. As I was biking I enjoyed the wind rushing past my face and decided to bike faster. The closer I got to the river, the more I got slower. =)...I came by Nicoles house and saw Anissum, Nick, John Henry in Anissums little boat that was actually floating on the 4 feet water. Pretty funny, its obvious that they are supposed to float..ITS FLOODING! lol. I asked if i could come, so did Sim and Kalila. Anissum picked us up and we went to the lagoon. Nick, Sim, Anissum, and Kalila kept taking turns paddling both ends of the tiny boat. I just sat there and started talking to the boys to see if they were enjoying the ride to the lagoon. It took us about 20-25 minutes to the lagoon because we took off from Nicoles you remember....lol. So yea, we were going and Anissum and Nick were paddling. We stopped and Anissum said there was a rabbit that was "stranded" on a whole lot of trash. Nick got off the boat and went on top of the trash that was holding him up from getting wet on the water. =) It's funny how Nick didn't sink because the trash was supporting him from sinking. He's too light ya see. The rabbit was 24 inches away from him and he was planning to catch it. That was what the other boys were thinking too. THEY THINK ALIKE..enng. But really, they were thinking the same thing. I was totally freaking out!! Kalila was paddling and I ended up paddling too. Anissum and Sim were out of the boat surrounding the rabbit on top of the trash. Anissum was on the left end, Sim was in the middle, and Nick was at the right end of the top of the trash. I know that doesn't make sense, but you could have been there!! It was cool, I mean seriously. Eventually Anissum caught the rabbit when it was trying to swim away. The rabbit gave up because it was tired and (hungry?) I dont know. Soon we went away from the lagoon and the rabbit was with us, in a box....I was freaking out because the rabbit mght jump out and attack. So well, we went back to land and I was glad because i was getting wet. I went home and stopped there. Got onto my bed and fell asleep. OK i got to go....


E.L.D Class (yesterday)

This picture was taken yesterday (5-6-09) during E.L.D class when Erin wasn't looking. *smile* I know, I'm not supposed to do that but I was bored. The desks were put together so that it looked like a big circle. Every Jr. High and High school is in the picture except for Patrick and I. Before I had taken the picture I told Anissum to look behind him and it snapped the photo. You see Anissum? Right as the computer was going to take a picture I said to him, "Anissum! Anissum! Look this way." Anissum looked this way and I started smiling. He shook his head and started smiling, looking away to work on his computer. As you could see also Erin is helping Carl with something on his computer and that is when I took a picture..When Erin was helping Carl =)... Jackie is doing something and it looks like Andrew is telling a story and has that look on his face. Nick and Sim are working on something, they are sitting between Carl and Andrew. You know, I don't think that my sister knows that I took this picture. She is looking at something or someone. Carl is just wondering, "Do I listen to Erin? or wait, what the heck am I doing?" I love this picture because everyone in there (except for Patrick and I) are doing something and have an expression on their face. Don't you think? Lets see if your paying attention.. I want you to look around in the picture, and tell me this....Where the heck is Kalila?.....Oh! You found him. Okay, I think that you are paying attention. One more thing before I end this post =D...Dance, dance, dance to the beat. Put your hands up in the air like you just don't care. Just kidding about there. Spot the picture, see what people are doing, what expressions are on their face? Put in as much words. Its really easy, so its all goot. Bye. ....
Hope you enjoyed that post...or reading it at least =)
P.S. What do you think is gonna happen next??


My best friend, Jackie Joekay...

The best part of my life is having a best friend. Best friends are people who are there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on, to tell someone your secrets, and to have fun and laugh with. I have a best friend and I love her like my own sister. My best friend’s name is Jackie Joekay. She is a person that I know who will always be there for me when I have a problem, when I’m feeling sad, and when I need to tell her something important.
Have you ever had a feeling that your day was going to turn out bad? I had many feelings like that one-day. It was on a day of Easter. I woke up early in the morning around 9 a.m. on top of Jackie’s bunk bed. My eyes were still waking up and so was I. It took me a few minutes to get out of bed and wake up Jackie so we could both go to church. Jackie was still sleeping below me and I had to go down the bunk bed to wake her up. As my legs touched the floor I took my right arm out and shook her. Jackies eyes were opening slowly and I told her to get up. She seemed like she didn’t want to get up, so I told her I would come right back. Jackie nodded her head and restfully went back to bed as her mom came out of her room to wake her up again. I put on my shoes and sweater and walked slowly out the door. When I was walking towards my house I was wondering if my family was getting ready for church. It was cold outside because I had just gotten up and I was shivering. As I came closer to my house I ran up the stairs and opened the door. Right when I walked in, the heat from the house warmed me up. My mom told me to get ready as I was walking towards the couch. When I sat down on the couch my body was aching because I was sore. The sickness and my body didn’t want to respond to anything and I just sat there feeling sick. I told my mom I felt sick and she just told me to get ready because I could not miss that day of church because the day before that I went to confess. So I just got up and went to my room to get ready for church and although my sisters were still sleepy I smiled. When my sisters and my mom were ready to go to church we walked to Olga’s house.
At church there were a couple of people that were there and it was almost packed because the living room was medium sized. Church was being held at Olga Mesak’s house and took 2 ½ hours to be done. While church was going on I just stood there and looked around Olga’s house, thinking of my bed. It seemed forever when church was almost over as people were lining up to get blessings from Father Victor. The line was getting shorter and I wanted it to go faster because I was tired of standing. I was behind Jackie and she was next to get blessings. After she got her blessings I walked up to Father Victor and also got my blessings. Jackie was already getting ready to go home and so was I. Before Jackie walked out the door I ran up to her and invited her to eat at my house. She accepted my invitation to eat at my house and we walked together out the door. Jackie and I talked about what we would eat when we get to my house. We both agreed that I would make French toast and my mom overheard, so I had to make French toast for everyone at home.
I came home and everyone was there including Jackie. The same as always Elizabeth, Adolph, Kayleen, Raeanne, Nastasia, and my dad (Adolph Sr.) Jackie and I made some French toast for my family and it took us about 25 minutes to get them finished. The French toast was done and my family, Jackie, and I ate two pieces of French toast that was still warm and yummy. There was one more piece of French toast on the table and my mouth was drooling for it. Elizabeth was still eating her first piece of French toast and I didn’t think that she would mind if I ate the last piece of French toast. My hand grabbed the French toast and I put syrup all over it and I ate it apiece bigger as I ate it. Elizabeth started acting like a baby and I just looked at her and told her to make another French toast for herself. My dad got angry and started yelling at my siblings and I. He was yelling about sharing food to our family and thinking about what we would have without food when we aren’t sharing. I felt guilty and my sister went to the room crying. My dad went to the room and yelled at her to go eat in the living room.
After eating the delicious breakfast, Jackie and I came into my room and started talking about the regular things we always talk about. My dad was still yelling at my siblings and me for no reason and I was starting to feel uncomfortable in my house. I didn’t want to be in my house because I was feeling sick. I started crying, quietly, so my dad wouldn’t hear me being scared. Jackie was listening to the argument too, and she realized how my dad was when he was pissed off. After a while, I told Jackie I wanted to go to her house after I stopped crying. It took me a while to stop crying, but I had to the courage to go out of my house because Jackie was with me. Jackie and I walked over to her house and I was exceedingly tired and sleepy. Jackie and I started talking about why my dad might get pissed off all the time. I had no idea what would make him like that and wouldn’t want to think of what made him like that. I cried a few times over at her house, but she was able to make me feel “at home” when we were sharing our secrets in her “special room” where we could talk about anything.
Having to feel comfortable, having fun, and laughing is having a best friend. I know that my best friend will never fail on me when I have problems or some serious things going on. Jackie Joekay has been through half of my life, spent times with me, and shared many stories to make us both feel happy. I love my best friend as to who she is and that she can always (well sometimes) understand me. Jackie Joekay is my best friend and I do not think anyone can change that.