Breathing Underwater

"Alex Flinn has done it..capturing voice and circumstance to tell a riveting story that makes us all sit up and consider her truth." -Chris Crutcher
To his friends, popular and handsome sixteen-year-old Nick Andreas has led a charmed life. But the guys in Nick's anger management class know differently. So does his ex-girlfriend Caitlin. Now it looks like the only person who doesn't realize just how far from perfect Nick's life has become in Nick himself. "Gripping."- Publishers Weekly "A quick and absorbing read. The situations and dialogue ring frighteningly true."- ALA Booklist

Breathing Underwater is an astonishing book. It is about a guy, Nick Andreas, who goes to anger management classes. He had a problem when he was going out with Caitlin. At first they were a great couple, but as the story progresses, Nick gets aggressive. But I can't tell anymore because it might get too far. I don't want to tell the whole story because it's kind of long. You have to read the story on your own. =)


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